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Polders and Gouda cheese

Nearby places I have never been

sunny 30 °C

.....so today I visited that friend I mentioned earlier. He lives in Gouda for about a year now, so it became time to finally visit him.
But first I drove for a while in my car without airconditioning when temperatures were hitting a tropical 30 degrees Celcius. Not real fun, as it's just to hot to be honest. I decided to drive through the Dutch polders, more specifically the Alblasserwaard, a typical Dutch lowland area, with pictoresque places, canals and people enjoying a good bike ride or canoing that same canals. Of course, lots of windmills wich make the perfect postcard complete. It is just about half an hour from Utrecht and every day when I drive to work in Breda, I pass this area by just a few kilometers, driving the highway. Basically, it is a very small area between the cities of Utrecht, Gorinchem and Dordrecht, south of the city of Gouda where I went afterwards. First I had to cross a small river by boat, where people were having a good time on some very small beaches. After the crossing which probably took 2 minutes, it was jus a 15 minute drive before reaching one of the best known historic cities in the Netherlands, Gouda. Just like other cities as Edam or Alkmaar, it's known internationally because of its cheese and this is exactly the thing you see when walking across its small but beautifully presevered historic hart, with a central square and the town hall right in the middle of it. Also Gouda is just about half an hour from where I live, but I hadn't been there my entire life!
After a great meal and some refreshing drinks I turned home again. I had a great weekend, being a traveller in my home city and home country. Maybe I should do this more often.....but tomorrow there is work again to be done first.
Cheers! Michael

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Travelling in my home city

sunny 25 °C

Sometimes you forget things. Not to say though that Mr. Alzheimer or Mr. Korsakov has paid a visit, it's just a way to speak. Sometimes you forget to really appreciate your own environment and surroundings. I travelled a fair bit during the last 5 or 6 years since I have enough time and money to see the world. Whether it's Australia, Africa or Cuba, the world is a beautiful place to visit and comparable to a book: if you don't travel you only read one page.
But today I really enjoyed being a traveller in my home city. I have been living in Utrecht for about 12 years now since I started my study here. That first year I found my way around the city, knowing places, visiting certain areas interesting for travellers from all over the world. But later on, it is just the city you study in, partying and finishing the same study so you have something to hold onto in life. Afterwards, you start to work, buy a house and like I said earlier, see this massive and fantastic planet earth.
But again, today I actually became a traveller at home. As the other half of my small family is in Prague right know and coincidentally the Dutch enjoyed one of the first true warm and sunny days today, I decided to just walk around the city, from my house, for the whole afternoon. Ok, I had a quick break for some cappucino and a glas of water (hey, it was warmer than I was used to!) but apart from that I just walked and kept on walking. True, Utrecht is more beautiful on a warm and sunny summerday, but any time of year is a good time to visit and enjoy the old canals and wharves, dotted with boats of all sorts (waterbikes, yaughts, tour boats), the windmill, the Dom tower, church and square and the small hidden backstreets and small squares. Combined with numerous terraces where people enjoy a good whitebeer. I must have taken at least 50 photos today, some of them to be uploaded later, so be patient dear reader...
As the Dutch summer is finally here and is going to reach another high tomorrow with temperatures up to 30 degrees, I might just fit in some other places nearby. I got a friend in Gouda......

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Less than two weeks to go..

semi-overcast 22 °C

Still have to work two weeks before taking the plane to South America.
I have been doing some reading the last few weeks and some highlights really shouldn't be missed.
Probably will go to Colonia, Uruguay from Buenos Aires...for the colonial stuff.
The southwest circuit in bolivia, with altiplano, lakes and salt flats is on my list as well.
Of course I want to stay in La Paz for a while and hope to do the downhill mountainbike track to Coroico. Any readers done this...any recommendations would be welcome.
And of course Machu Pichu, but that's the major thing in south america and although probably very very touristy I really want to see it.
Well, still preparing some things the next days. Next entry will ben somewhere in Buenos Aires I think.


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Off to Buenos Aires in 4 weeks

semi-overcast 22 °C

Well hi everybody,

Less than 4 weeks to go before I fly from Amsterdam to Madrid and on to Buenos Aires. Staying there for several days I will go on to Salta and start my overland trip through Bolivia and on to Machu Pichu.
I am really looking forward to see Buenos Aires, the southwest circle in Bolivia, La Paz and of course Machu Pichu.
Hope to see a lo more of course, recommendations by anyone are appreciated.

I am still in doubt about buying a warm sleeping bag for the cold nights and how may picture memory I will take with me. But that's the fun before you go right.

Cheers, Michael.

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